Creating a healthy lifestyle for all children: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Important Dates and Information


As an educator, mother, and health driven person; my mission for KidStrongNC is to encourage, educate, and love every child and show them their potential and value in our world. This will be obtained by fitness, conversation, service learning, goal setting and so much more! Together we can achieve the impossible. Let's get started!

Are you and your family ready to kickstart your health journey? If so, join KidStrongNC for the Fall 2017 session! 


The locations are as followed:      


        Sundays @ 4pm Burlington-Springwood Park- Alea

        Sunday @ 4pm Greensboro- Leonard Recreation Center (Playground)- Stephanie

        Mondays @ 6pm Kernersville- Triad Park @ Soccer Fields- Vanessa

        Tuesdays@ 6pm Oak Ridge- Oak Ridge Park (Playground)- Brooke

***If you are interested in being a KidStrongNC running coach, please email me your resume, location of interest, and short blurb about you at!